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What’s Clients Are Saying About Us

After our first 30 days we're still seeing over 8% of our advertisements converting on our packaging!

Robert Donato

Robert Donato


It has been really easy to setup elteve at our business. Our initial testing of marketing messages has been tremendous and we look forward to integrating our IT systems to target our advertisements even more.

Paul Rotter

Marketing Director

We've been linking our ads to our Youtube videos showing our customers how to use their product's. Our advertisement open rates have been great, and the bump to our Youtube stats has been tremendously helpful on that platform.

Maxine Butler

Maxine Butler

Product Designer

Pricing To Suit Any Size Business

Priced per print and scan, details below
  • Unlimited Campaigns & Ads Layouts
  • Unlimited Printers
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Data & Analytics
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Marketing & Advertising Support

Increase lifetime value today and gain a bond beyond the box.

Free trial on first 1,000 prints!

When a consumer receives their parcel, they should get more than a product. They should get an experience.

  • Free 1,000 Prints
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your first 1,000 prints come at no cost from elteve so that customers can test their marketing messaging and setup their system integrations at no-cost.

Our SaaS pricing is based on your package volume and the number of unique scans of QR codes on your packaging. 

When the platform is installed on your network, our pricing is similarly based on your assumed volume. 

Access to our software along with your Data & Analytics for:

  • Ad Designer
  • Campaign Manager
  • Unlimited Virtual Printers
  • QR Code Scans & Redirects

Additionally you gain access to our professional technical, marketing, and advertising support teams.


Our custom install pricing model allows you to install the entire platform on your companies network servicing your entire business. 

Our virtual printer will already be running at your warehouse. If you're running into internet latency or would like to keep all information within your network, then our entire platform can be installed on your network. 

For custom installs, a virtual machine images are provided that your team can easily install in-house or in your cloud. 

The first decision is what messages you want to tell your customers on your packaging. This includes setting up any landing pages needed for your QR code.

From there, we'll integrate the systems that contain the information needed to target the customers of your messages. 

Next we'll install our virtual printer wherever your labels or packaging printing happens. 

From there you print your packaging as normal with one key addition, hyper-targeted advertising on each every one of your packages!

If you're looking to target based on shipment location, name or information on the shipping label alone you can easily get started without further system integrations. 

Click the Get Started link at the top of the page and drop us a line. A team member will get in-touch with you right away.

We support most label printers out of the box, and will integrate yours if we can't support it with our virtual printer. 

We support most print & apply labeling solutions out of the box, and will integrate your solution if we can't support it with our virtual printer. 

We support most automated bagging solutions out of the box, and will integrate your solution if we can't support it with our virtual printer.