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Connecting brands with buyers on a whole new level
More Than Just Mailing Labels

More Than Just Mailing Labels

Every package needs a mailing label to arrive at its required destination. elteve utilizes these labels as package advertising to deliver a unique customer message and experience. The power of the message lies in the QR code you include with your message that leads the customer into the digital world for a special offer or invitation – we’ll leave the creativity up to you!

Don’t want to use your shipping label to deliver this message? No problem! Simply print your marketing message directly on your packaging or on a separate label and easily affix it to your package. QR code advertising is a powerful tool any way you choose to use it.

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Message to Your Target Customer

Message to Your Target Customer

Elteve integrates with most shipping or host software and automated shipping lines that use print and apply or automated bagging systems. It works with any thermal label printer setup used to print shipping labels. Because each label is unique, you can define target markets, target audiences, or target customers using dozens of data elements, including order information, e-commerce activities, geolocation, lifetime value, and more.

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The Powerful QR Code

The Powerful QR Code

Over the past few years, the usage of QR codes to access data has skyrocketed. QR codes have become so commonplace that more than half of consumers now use them to access marketing offers, pay bills or read restaurant menus. By sending a QR code to your target audience, you can provide them access to an interactive digital marketing message that is way more cost-effective than sending out special print advertising. QR code advertising is a link between the digital and physical worlds.

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Data & Analytics @elteve

Data & Analytics @elteve

Show the success and engagement of your package marketing investments through data and analytics tracking.

QR Analytics include:

  • Scan times
  • Unique vs Returning scanners
  • IP & Location
  • Device & OS

Target & Print Analytics include:

  • Conversions
  • Campaigns & Ads
  • Print Counts & Timing
  • Open/Scan Rates

All data and analytics are available for download from Elteve, our API, and integration connections into your favorite platforms.

connections into your favorite data platform. 

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How does it work?

Minimal integration with tremendous results



Design your ad and discounts in seconds



Print hyper-targeted advertisements



Apply beautiful ads on your shipments

A New Category in Market: On-Parcel Ad's

We Bridge the Gap Between Digital and Print Advertising.

  • Personalized Messages
  • Interactive Physical Ads
  • Increase Lifetime Value
  • Communicate After The Sale
  • Brands
  • Retailers/e-Commerce
  • Third-Party Logistics
  • Label Brokers

Innovative technology to grow your business

Conveniently advertise on the exterior of your packaging with hyper-targeted advertising using elteve's platform. SaaS, On-Prem, and On-Cloud installations available for your business.


To append hyper-targeted advertising to each of your shipping labels

40 +

Hyper-targeting fields

100 +

Scales easily to over 100 packages per second

Our Clients Are

Bosses Who Want To 'Boss Up' Their Business

At elteve, we pride ourselves on building tight-knit relationships with clients so that they can feel comfortable doing so with their consumers. The beauty behind our patented parcel marketing technology is that we can generate insights that help our customers do so in efficient ways.

They're Curious

Are you wondering if there are other ways to amplify marketing? Have you been following one set routine and are curious about diversifying tactics? Increase lifetime value with elteve's plethora of hypter-targeted QR marketing technology options.

They Value Their Customers

You want your customers to have the best experience from start to finish. elteve can reach them with our QR technology that is the perfect way to extend your customer’s satisfaction with the brand.

Want To Step Into the New Age

Deliver packages with a purpose and QR codes you don’t have to question. Interact with your audience clearly with elteve's patented hyper-targeted parcel marketing technology.

Increase lifetime value today and gain a bond beyond the box.

Start Your No String Attached Free Trial

When a consumer receives their parcel, they should get more than a product.

They should get an experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your first 3 months of Elteve are free!

We price based on the number of advertisements you print.

Access to our software along with your Data & Analytics for:

  • Ad Designer
  • Campaign Manager
  • Unlimited Virtual Printers
  • QR Code Scans & Redirects

Additionally you gain access to our professional technical, marketing, and advertising support teams.


The first decision is what messages you want to tell your customers on your packaging. This includes setting up any landing pages needed for your QR code.

Next, using our platform you design the advertisements that correspond with your customer segments.

From there you print the labels for your packaging as normal with one key addition, hyper-targeted advertising on each every one of your packages!

Click the Get Started link at the top of the page and drop us a line. A team member will get in touch with you right away.

We support most label printers out of the box.

We support most Print & Apply labeling solutions out of the box, and will work together to integrate your solution.

We support most automated bagging solutions out of the box, and will integrate your solution if we can't support it with our virtual printer. 

Our custom install pricing model allows you to install the entire platform on your companies network servicing your entire business. 

Our virtual printer will already be running at your warehouse. If you're running into internet latency or would like to keep all information within your network, then our entire platform can be installed on your network. 

For custom installs, a virtual machine images are provided that your team can easily install in-house or in your cloud. 

*Coming 2023